15 enjoyable movies that are actually a little depressing when you think about them

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1. «Forrest Gump» (1994)

Oh yes. Who doesn’t love the story of our cute simpleton, Forrest, who hurtles through the historic events of the 20th century like a feather in the wind? It’s a heartwarming story until you realize the undercurrent of sadness that runs throughout. From Forrest’s unrequited love for Jenny, who had a lifetime of abusive relationships and died young, to the untimely death of his mother and the tragic end of his best friend Bubba in Vietnam. Not to mention, Forrest’s entire life seems defined by a series of events over which he has no control.

2. «Great» (1988)

In appearance, «Big» is a magical fairy tale about the fulfillment of a wish. A boy named Josh wishes he was «big» and bam wakes up in the body of Tom Hanks. It’s fun, it’s wacky, and who doesn’t want to play on a full-sized piano? But wait. Josh is still a 12-year-old trapped in an adult body, who takes a job, strikes up a romantic relationship with a grown woman (big damn), and is thrown into a world he’s emotionally unable to handle. The story takes a dark turn when you realize that he has lost his childhood and is living a life of confusion and loneliness.

3. «The Pursuit of Happiness» (2006)

Will Smith and his son, Jaden, tug at our heartstrings in this inspiring story about overcoming adversity. But let’s not overlook the fact that their characters are homeless for a good part of the film. The father, Chris Gardner, accepts an unpaid internship, risking everything for the slightest chance of a better future. The «happy» ending comes only after a relentless grind of poverty, despair and stress. It’s less «feel good» and more «feeling stressed out of your mind», particularly in today’s economy.

4. «WALL E» (2008)

Yes, we have a cute little robot who diligently cleans up the earth and finds love along the way. Fascinating, right? But let’s not forget that WALL-E is the last working robot on a completely deserted and trash-filled Earth. Humans have fled the planet after recklessly depleting its resources and have turned into obese, screen-obsessed beings aboard the Axiom. It’s a post-apocalyptic nightmare beautifully wrapped up in a love story between two robots. Adorable, but also a distressing wake-up call.

5. «Up» (2009)

This is a bit much on the nose, but we couldn’t resist. «Up» is a colorful adventure story featuring a grumpy old man, a bubbly Boy Scout and a talking dog. It’s fascinating until you stop for a minute to think about Carl Fredricksen’s life story and that harrowing montage of his relationship with his late wife, Ellie. The film explores the themes of pain, regret and loneliness. Not to mention, the main plot revolves around Carl’s desperate attempt to keep a promise to his deceased wife by dragging a metaphorical piece of baggage from his Paradise Falls past back to his house. Adventure is out there, but so is a world of melancholy.

6. «Mrs. Doubtfire» (1993)

Who can resist the hilarity of Robin Williams disguised as a Scottish nanny? But beneath the disguise and comic antics lies the story of a broken family, a desperate father and a controversial divorce. Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) resorts to this extreme act to spend time with his children, highlighting the pain of parental separation. The film ends on a positive note with the parents amicably separated and the children adjusting, but it’s impossible to ignore the undertone of angst that permeates the film.

7. «Toy Story 3» (2010)

Yes, in the end, Woody and the gang escape the incinerator and find a loving new home. But let’s rewind a bit, shall we? The story is essentially about the toys dealing with their own mortality, abandonment, and the existential crisis of becoming irrelevant. The incinerator scene alone is more chilling than cheerful. Even the «happy ending» is tinged with sadness, as they must part with their beloved owner, Andy. If you’re not sobbing into your popcorn at the end, you’re made of stronger stuff than me.

8. «Finding Nemo» (2003)

This Pixar favorite is a joyous adventure on the surface, but it begins with a massacre that leaves Marlin, a clownfish, without his wife and 399 of his unborn children. The only surviving son, Nemo, is overprotected and ends up captured. The film then turns into an epic and anxious journey across the dangerous ocean. You are asked, «is this a children’s animated film or a psychological thriller?»

9. «Upside Down» (2015)

This colorful and clever Pixar film helps children (and adults) better understand emotions. However, it’s essentially about a young girl, Riley, who goes through a major emotional crisis after moving to a new city. The film deals with the themes of depression, change and loss. Joy’s journey to understand that sadness is a crucial part of life is heartbreaking. Watching a little girl’s mental resilience crumble before your eyes isn’t exactly a walk in the park, Pixar.

10. «The Truman Show» (1998)

Jim Carrey’s turn as Truman Burbank in a world that is entirely a reality show is inventive and often funny. But the whole premise is incredibly depressing when you think about it. Truman’s entire life is manipulated for fun, he is constantly lied to and his privacy is completely violated. The «welcome» moment of his escape comes after a lifetime of deception and manipulation. Maybe not the cheeriest concept for a night of light-gazing, huh?

11. «Ferris Bueller’s Day Off» (1986)

This is the story of a charming and rebellious teenager who just wants a day off from school. However, if we dig a little deeper, we find a darker narrative beneath the comedic surface. The entire film is a cry for help from Cameron Frye, Ferris’ best friend. She lives in an abusive and neglectful household, she is dealing with severe mental health issues and her cry for attention is largely ignored. Ferris’s extravagant truancy parade, when viewed through Cameron’s lens, is less a boat ride and more a journey through the treacherous waters of teenage angst.

12. «Groundhog Day» (1993)

On the surface, «Groundhog Day» is a witty and creative romantic comedy. But we recognize that Phil Connors (Bill Murray) is stuck in a time loop, experiencing the same day over and over again. It’s a comic existential nightmare. Phil goes through phases of confusion, hedonism, depression and even attempts suicide multiple times, even though he always wakes up to Sonny & Cher’s «I Got You Babe». It’s only when he starts living selflessly that he breaks free. Fun? YES. But it’s also an incredibly bleak view of human existence.

13. «Shrek» (2001)

«Shrek» is a funny and fairytale parody featuring a lovable ogre, a talking donkey and a love story between a dragon and a donkey. But let’s talk about the ogre in the room. Shrek is a social outcast who is constantly judged, feared and ostracized because of his looks. Fiona, the protagonist, is the victim of a curse that makes her believe she is only beautiful as a human. The film delivers a strong message about acceptance and self-love, but beneath its comedic guise lies a poignant commentary on society’s expectations and prejudices.

14. «The Wizard of Oz» (1939)

This classic film is full of singing, dancing and charming characters. But if you really think about it, Dorothy is a young girl who is transported to a strange land by a tornado, she kills a witch upon arrival and is immediately chased by another vengeful witch. She is then forced on a dangerous quest by a manipulative wizard. The entire adventure turns out to be a dream, suggesting that Dorothy may be dealing with some serious psychological issues. Munchkins and ruby ​​slippers aside, it’s a haunting narrative.

15. «Click» (2006)

Adam Sandler brings a lot of laughs in «Click», where he plays a man who can control his life with a universal remote control. Sounds fun, right? Wrong. He fast forwards in his life, missing critical moments with his family, personal growth and basically life itself. The film is a grim reminder of the fleeting nature of time and the importance of appreciating every moment. You might laugh, but it leaves you with an eerie aftertaste.

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