Danny Sullivan’s multiple personalities explained in The Crowded Room

An Apple TV+ drama, The crowded room follows Danny Sullivan, a young adult arrested for a public shooting; later, an investigator must dig deep into his own traumatic childhood to explain why he did what he did.

Danny Sullivan is arrested for an open shooting at Rockefeller Center in 1979. Although no one dies, it is still a serious crime and he is eventually arrested. However, the policemen who interrogate him are frustrated to discover that his behavior is very strange and confusing.

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While the working theory between them is that his erratic behavior is that he acts only to evade guilt and that he is also a serial killer. However, when one of them runs into Professor Rya, who takes an interest in his case, a series of sessions begins.

In these sessions, Rya investigates Danny’s past and psyche, who she eventually believes suffers from dissociative identity disorder and has more than one or two alternate identities within him. Here are all of Danny Sullivan’s alters that have been featured in the show so far:


Jack is one of many alters who reside within Danny Sullivan, and he is there, like all the other alters, to protect Danny. He’s a swashbuckling Englishman who uses wit and word salad to sneak out of trouble, rather than confronting it head-on like Yitzak.

It is in stark contrast to Danny’s shy, vulnerable and soft personality. He is the definition of trust and also the most evil of all alters, perhaps. It is made evident when he kills Yitzak after the latter claims that they must all hand over control to Danny, therefore dying forever.

This isn’t to say that Jack wishes Danny harm, but that his terrible measures are just a consequence of Danny’s damaged psyche, which would summon or do anything to keep alters and keep Danny protected from the outside world.


Jonny is one of two schoolmates Danny Sullivan thinks are separated from him; in reality, they are only two of the personalities that his mind has conjured up. Jonny is the lightest of the bunch.

He’s a trickster type and a real jovial guy, and while he can work his way through difficult situations, he also tends to create such situations many times. However, Jonny isn’t just a classy clown, he’s got a few useful tricks up his sleeve beyond those to show off at a party.

He has heart and real courage which he shows when Danny gets into trouble trying to secure a firearm from Angelo, who opts to sexually abuse him as a reward. Before the horrific deed can happen, Danny is saved by Jonny, who assaults Angelo and helps Danny escape.


Mike is the jock type but without the usual stereotypical trappings of one. He’s a regular guy who’s athletic and has a knack for basketball.

The Multiple Personalities of Danny Sullivan
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There really hasn’t been much of him that has stepped into the spotlight, but he’s always there to help Danny Sullivan.


Ariana becomes close friends with Danny right after the first meeting, at least that’s how Danny explains it in the sessions with Rya. She is also one of the alters that Danny has within him, one that emerges from time to time.

She is shown to be a tortured soul but also one who is really strong and shares a similar past to Danny. She disappears after the Rockefeller Center shooting and resurfaces only after Danny faces the truth of all these voices in her head for the first time.

He’s the alter whose experiences are basically what Danny has been through in the past, along with Marlin’s sexual abuse and she seems to tell him about it, while the other alters don’t.


Yitzak is a middle-aged Israeli man who arrives in Danny’s neighborhood and lives in the infamous haunted house. It is he who saves Danny from the bullies of his school and also against Angelo who returns to take revenge.

Footwork, manual labor any kind of work that requires these limbs to be thrown out to get revenge or protect Danny, Yitzak is the one who steps up. He is also the one who proposes that he and other alters give up and die to finally give Danny a chance to stand on his own feet.

However, Jack kills him for thinking that, claiming Danny needs them and can’t survive without their help.

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