Foods to avoid at the hotel buffet, according to the doctor

A breakfast The buffet can be an exciting way to start your day on vacation, with everything from cereal to juice stations and eggs cooked any way you like.

With the infinite amount of food choices, it’s easy to be tempted to load up the pot to get the most bang for your buck.

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Dr. Michael Mosley shared the dos and don’ts for what you should eat at a buffet if you want to feel good on vacation.

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hotel breakfast buffet
Dr. Mosley shares his top tips on eating healthy at a breakfast buffet. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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The weight loss guru is the creator of The Fast 800 rapid weight loss program, where he blogs about weight loss tips and healthy eating habits.

According to Dr. Mosleythere are certain foods that hotel guests should try to avoid at the buffet if they want to feel energized for the day ahead.

The six buffet items Dr. Mosley recommends avoiding are:

  • Fruit juices

  • Sweets

  • Cereals

  • Muffins and cake

  • Dried fruit

  • Potato pancakes

The foods and beverages above contain higher levels of sugar, oil, and fat content that won’t also set you up for a day of vacation adventures and activities.

Instead, Dr. Mosley lists healthier alternatives to a buffet that travelers should consider.

The blogger recommends the omelettes first, sharing that some hotels have omelet stations where you can customize your breakfast by choosing your own fillings.

Dr. Mosley suggests adding plant-based options and even thinking about other egg preparations.

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Pea and tarragon omelette
Dr. Mosley recommends ordering an omelette with vegetable fillings. (Provided)

The weight loss guru once again emphasizes the importance of eating raw or cooked vegetables at the buffet.

She says cooked spinach can be a delicious pairing with eggs for a good, filling breakfast.

Next, Dr. Mosley recommends cheese, nuts and avocados as great healthy fats that will keep you fuller for longer.

She also suggests Greek yogurt with berries as a delicious and healthier way to start the day.

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However, in his blog, Dr. Mosley acknowledges that given a buffet’s large selection, there are some foods you should be able to enjoy occasionally.

Breakfast is bread. Dr. Mosley shares that there are healthier bread alternatives available depending on where you are on vacation.

She says to avoid plain white varieties but indulge in sourdough or rye if they’re available.

In his blog, he also says that sausages and bacon, as well as local delicacies, can occasionally be enjoyed at your next breakfast buffet.

One of her key tips for staying healthy on vacation when you’re buffeting each day is to remember portion control.

Dr. Mosley says it is occasionally acceptable to have local delicacies on the buffet. (Getty)

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«It can be quite easy to go wild when you’re faced with a multitude of delicious options,» writes Dr. Mosley.

«If you’re struggling to find foods that support your goals, grab a small serving of the most appropriate food you can find and fill your plate with plenty of salad and veggies.»

In his blog, the weight loss specialist offers other tips for vacationers who want to stay healthy while travelling.

Instead of ordering an Uber or taking public transit, the first thing Dr. Mosley suggests—for not only staying healthy but also visiting local sites—is to walk whenever possible.

Getting on your steps with some occasional exercise can be great for keeping you active, even while you’re away.

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Dr. Mosley also writes that time-restricted eating can be a good practice to continue throughout the holidays, and suggests eating two meals a day.

«If your vacation package includes breakfast, see what’s the latest available time to eat,» she tells readers. «That way, you can enjoy a bigger breakfast that will keep you fueled throughout the day and enjoy dinner a little earlier.»

Her other tips for staying healthy on vacation include limiting your alcohol intake, packing an emergency healthy food option, and starting to get active, and before you even board the plane to make sure you’re feeling your best while you’re away.

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