The 12 best essential oils for anxiety

NoNotice how often you will be advised to only breathe when you are freaked out? As simple as it sounds, management can be anything but helpful, in fact, it can oftentimes seem quite annoying, not to mention insensitive. But as it turns out, there’s real science behind the notion of sustained breathing when under stress, and essential oils for anxiety can support this practice in important ways, says Amy Galper, a certified aromatherapist.

But first, what are essential oils?

Essential oils are aromatic liquid substances that are extracted from different types of plant materials using the steam distillation process, Galper previously told Well + Good. They are a key component of aromatherapy and can be used in a variety of ways. While some people like to use essential oils in an oil diffuser, others prefer to enjoy their benefits in the form of candles, body washes, pillow sprays, and so on.

Whether you add them to your essential oil diffuser or choose to use candles, roll-ons, or tea iterations, relief awaits.

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How to use essential oils for anxiety

While the causes of anxiety are quite varied, its effect often materializes in overthinking and an inability to calm the mind. One of the best things to try? Just simple inhalations, Galper says. Smelling essential oils can help quiet that constant chatter that’s in your head and help you reconnect your mind and body in a healing way.

Of course, it’s not about replacing Xanax or L-Theanine. Using essential oils or aromatherapy is a holistic approach to healing, he says. Whether you feel like you might be having a panic attack or are just having a moment of anxiety, smelling certain scents can help slow down the rush you’re feeling.

That’s because nerve endings in your nose directly impact the part of your brain called the hypothalamus that produces the hormones responsible for emotional reactions, Galper says, adding that a certain scent can affect how you respond to, say, a stressor. meeting with a colleague or your mother.

You can use oils and perfumes to overcome fears thanks to this neurological communication, Galper says. Sniff a certain essential oil to help reduce nervous energy and trigger your body to go into a calm state instead. Thank goodness for the olfactory sense.

So which essential oil is best for anxiety? Read on for the best relaxing options to try when you need some quiet time.

The 12 best essential oils for anxiety

1. Rosemary

The earthy green herb is perfect for everything from vegan pastes to DIY pedicures, but it also works wonders for relieving stress and centering an overwhelmed mind. Rosemary is great for clarity, says Galper. It helps you focus when there is too much going on and can bring tremendous calm to someone who is feeling scattered. (He points to everyone raising his hand.)

To harness the power of rosemary essential oil wherever you are, pocket UpNature Roll On Rosemary Essential Oil ($10) and hit the road.

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2. Lavender

There’s a very good reason why the scent of violet plants is often used to relax in the bath and even sprayed on your pillow: it’s extremely relaxing, and has even been shown to help you capture quality zzz’s. Lavender essential oil is really good for closing that overactive thinking loop that can happen with anxiety, Galper says. Basically, it switches you from busy mode to a calmer one.

The great news is that there are tons of ways to incorporate the benefits of lavender oil into your daily routine. Want to relax in the shower? Try the Jason Natural Body Wash & Shower Gel ($9). Are you hoping to fall asleep peacefully? Spritz your room with the Aura Cacia Lavender Aromatherapy Relaxing Mist ($6).

Whether you sprinkle it on your pillow or rub it on your pulse points, Madeline Lucas, LMSW, says lavender can be especially helpful for falling asleep.

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3. Eucalyptus

While eucalyptus is generally considered an energizing essential oil, great for awakening the senses in the morning, research shows it can help ease pre-surgery nerves and reduce anxiety as well.

To experience the benefits of eucalyptus for yourself, make room in your shower for JR Watkins Awaken Aromatherapy In-Shower Mist ($10) is a personal favorite. If you want to take the power of eucalyptus with you wherever you go, the Plant Therapy Pre-Diluted Eucalyptus Roll-On ($10) might be a better option.

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4. Clary sage

Clary sage is often used to help balance hormones, but it’s also considered an herbal antispasmodic, Galper says, which means it relaxes your physical body. Often anxiety can manifest itself in tight shoulders, stiff neck, stomach cramps. Clary sage can help ease that retention in the body, which helps you relax, he says. The next best thing to a massage?

As a bonus, research shows that clary sage can help relieve tension and ease menstrual cramps as well. Add Silk Road Roll On Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil ($13) to your daily routine or especially during that time of the month.

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5. Peppermint

According to Lucas, peppermint can be incredibly soothing, particularly as it has physical calming effects. Simply smelling the essential oil can awaken your nasal passage, while rubbing it can sometimes offer a slight chilling effect, which can be ingrained. I breathe in peppermint oil in moments of heightened anxiety or panic, as it abruptly brings me back to the present moment, he says.

And it makes sense that a 2019 study found that inhaling peppermint oil before intravenous catheterization can significantly reduce not only anxiety but also the pain associated with the procedure.

To add peppermint to your routine, consider a vial of Plant Therapy Organic Peppermint Essential Oil ($9). And as for where to put peppermint oil for anxiety? Your wrists are a great choice, but you can really wet the stuff wherever you want (on your pillow, in a handkerchief, etc.)

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6. Patchouli

Researchers have found that patchouli can significantly increase dopamine and reduce depression. Additionally, they found that inhaling the fragrance can relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and improve overall mood.

Suffice to say, you may want to start lighting patchouli-infused candles in your home. May we suggest the PF Candle Co. Standard Standard Scented Soy Wax Candle Patchouli Sweetgrass ($27)?

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7. Marjoram

Clary sage’s relative of mint works equally well in the realm of physical relaxation. Marjoram will help reduce muscle stress, says Galper. Sometimes people run around the city all day and their bodies are so restless that they can’t fall asleep at night. It is not the mind but the body that is still buzzing. Sound familiar? Apply marjoram oil before training or on aching muscles after sweating. (FYI: Gya Labs Marjoram Essential Oil, $10, is an especially popular choice.)

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8. Valerian

Looking for other ways to calm your mind, especially before bed? Lucas says valerian can help. Valerian is an herb whose scent is known to aid sleep and calm nerves, she shares. In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health, valerian is a common ingredient in sleep aids. Case in point: The ingredient is in the Hums Mighty Night supplement ($40).

Gya Labs Valerian Essential Oil $18.00

9. Jatamansi

Jatamansi (aka spikenard) is often used in the naturopathic treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. The essential oil is especially unique because it not only reduces stress and anxiety, but also prevents you from making bad decisions while stressed, research shows. So if your goal is to approach life feeling less stressed and more centered, Pure Golden Spikenard Essential Oil ($15) might be worth adding to your routine.

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10. Chamomile

Perhaps you sip some chamomile tea before bed to signal your body that it’s time to unwind. (Amazon reviewers love Celestial Seasonings Chamomile Tea, $19.) But smelling it in essential oil form can help calm your body AND your mind (and you don’t have to wait for it to immerse itself). Chamomile is a really strong anti-inflammatory, so I think it’s great for inflamed emotions. Anxiety that comes from an outburst of anger or an emotional encounter, for example, is something chamomile tea is good for calming, Galper says.

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11. Geranium

In a study of 100 laboring women, researchers found that inhaling geranium essential oil effectively reduced anxiety, not to mention diastolic blood pressure. So whether you’re carrying a baby or nervous about a big meeting coming up, geranium could become your new best friend. (FYI: HIQILI Geranium Essential Oil, $10, has over 15,000 rave reviews.)

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12. Pine

What’s cool about this fresh tree scent is that it’s scientifically proven to clear inflammation in the bronchial passageways, says Galper (so it’s not just a wonderful, cleansing scent that reminds you of the holidays). Oils like pine, spruce and fir can help slow your breathing and allow you to take deeper inhalations, which in turn subdue your overactive mind. Thank you, soothing forest friend. (No time for a walk in the woods? Add a vial of Healing Solutions Organic Pine Oil, $10, to your cart.)

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