Selena Gomez has subtly responded to rumors that she’s dating Jeremy Allen White

As far as alleged celebrity couples go, this is one we can 100% agree with and maybe even her, because Selena Gomez has been subtly responding to rumors that she’s dating Jeremy Allen White.

The rumors started with this anonymous tip (as they almost always are) to the famous gossip source Deux Moi, which said A recently split Golden Globe winner whose show just premiered its second season is casually dating again. He met this A-list singer-actress during a photo shoot for the cover of Vanity Fair, and they’ve been in touch since she returned to the US from filming overseas. The show in question? Presumably The bear, the second season of which just dropped on Hulu. The A-list singer-actress? I mean, google singer-actress and Selena Gomez is the first result. She had also recently filmed in Paris. So what do we think? Selena Gomez has thoughts.

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How has Selena Gomez responded to rumors that she is dating Jeremy Allen White?

How has Selena Gomez responded to rumors that she is dating Jeremy Allen White? Neither Allen White nor Gomez has commented publicly on the rumors, but we love how Selena subtly responded in a video she shared to TikTok: «Ever hear a rumor about yourself and actually wanted to know more, like damn, what did I do next?» ?

Earlier this year, she was linked to Zayn Malik, but she’s been using TikTok as a platform to address those rumours, too. In the video, she’s bulked up as she watches a soccer training session. I’m single! yell at the players. I’m just a little maintenance, but I will love you so much. She captioned the video: Man of the fight lol, which showed one of her friends laughing in the background.

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In the 2010s, Selena was asked on a red carpet which One Direction she most wanted to kiss. Oh no, she said before responding quickly, Zayn, with a laugh. Later, in an interview with InStyle UK In 2016, Selena denied rumors that she was dating Zayn, which had surfaced when Justin Bieber suggested Selena and cheated on him with Zayn. If he had asked me out on a date, I would have been seen with him. Just kidding, but not kidding, she told the mag.

Meanwhile, Allen White finds himself single again after splitting from his wife and childhood sweetheart, Addison Timlin. We don’t know for sure why, as when TMZ first reported the divorce in May 2023, they had no information other than court documents to say she initiated the separation on May 11, 2023. In those documents, Timlin, who asked for spousal support, listed her and Allen’s split date as September 1, 2022.

Jeremy Allen White, Addison Timlin

Jeremy Allen White, Addison Timlin. Image: GettyGetty Images

According to a source cited by ET, she and White had trust issues throughout their relationship which ultimately led to their divorce. The source added: They were trying to work things out but things got harder and harder for them and they decided to separate.

Online investigators, according to DeuxMoi, suspected it could be a fraud scandal, but it’s important to remember that DeuxMoi herself, whoever she is, her identity remains anonymous, but we know she’s from New York City. accurate or verified. I have always stood by what I have said since day one, which is that this information has not been proven to be based on fact, she told the New York Times in 2020. I don’t do any further research. I’m not a journalist.

For an informant: Who is Brooklyn’s hottest dad? [sic] the divorce just went public and he cheated on his wife with a personal assistant [personal assistant] from his big show which has a second season coming out. While another wrote presented: Anon please, but I’ve been sitting on some wild tea for a few weeks now and am inspired to share after seeing a certain TV actor still wearing his wedding ring at ‘s awards show. this evening. Said actor’s wife is currently cheating on him with an actor/writer/director whom he met through his latest film’s female co-star. I’m not sure when it will come to light, but I hear both parties in the relationship are planning to make it public soon. But according to a source cited by Page Six in June 2023, cheating was not involved in their split and, instead, his The bear shooting schedule as the reason for the breakdown of their marriage.

Jeremy Allen White, Addison Timlin

Jeremy Allen White, Addison Timlin. Photo by Frazer Harrison/WireImage

On Mother’s Day, Timlin wrote: Being a single mom isn’t what I imagined. It’s so difficult. It’s all covered in tears on the floor kicking you in the shins screaming with no sound coming out loud. It is not the natural order of things. It can be exhausting but more than anything it can be so lonely. when something magical happens and you have to tell yourself don’t forget it because there is no witness by your side. It’s so painful. But just like everything with motherhood, the lows are demolished by the jaw-dropping heights. Living with young children is a wonderful and joyful place to be with eyes wide open, being surrounded by a daily expression of their authentic selves and wondering if without their example I could have done the same. My hope for all mothers is that the outgoing, unconditional, fearless, or judgmental love we offer our children can be directed as much inward as possible. We need it. Knowing what’s best for you is easy if you can be comfortable enough – doing what’s best for you may seem impossible – but it’s not. [sic]

Some fans questioned her use of single mom as the father of her kids was still very much in the picture. One comment said; There’s a difference between being a single mom and being a single mom, so she changed the statement to «Co-parenting isn’t what I imagined.»

White was apparently taken aback by her posts, as a source told Page Six in an article published on June 22, 2023, that he was taken aback by the Mother’s Day post: Addison changed her Instagram post because it wasn’t accurate, a lot of people were like What are you talking about? The source continued: Jeremy had no control over where he was filming. He filmed The bear in Chicago and whenever he could, he went home. He’s so involved in those girls’ lives, he adores her daughters.

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