We are not surgeons – the person is confused as to why tasks are handled with absurd urgency in corporate jobs

I believe all of us who have been in the corporate world have experienced a situation where a boss tells us that this particular job needs to be done right now because it is an emergency. And most of the time we listen to our boss, right? So you skip lunch, you work late, you cancel all the plans you had, and you do it, no matter the cost. You’re afraid of losing a job or letting your boss down, so you do it every time they ask you. Hey, but what about your mental health and work-life balance?

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When we worry too much about our careers, we tend to forget about our mental health and the long-term consequences

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This woman has had enough and shares her frustration with a false sense of urgency in the corporate world online

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She shares that she’s always felt terrible if she didn’t get a job done on a deadline but then realized that no one is saving lives here, so how can this be an emergency?

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After being under constant stress, she realized the absurdity and is now working on changing her mindset to accommodate this change.

A few days ago, a Reddit user decided to share his insights regarding emergency situations in the corporate world; well, to be more precise, the absurdity of it. Seeing that in just 3 days it got more than 17,3,000 upvotes and nearly 1,4,000 comments, it is clear that many people feel the same way and it was finally said out loud.

Start by sharing her story, that she has had many corporate jobs where she was constantly told that some specific task was top priority. Like any responsible human being, if she failed to meet this deadline, she was terrible. And then there was a turning point where she came to realize that this is absurd: nobody in the corporate world is saving lives.

Even if the companies also have customers, in this case, if deadlines are not met, there are no serious consequences as there would be for doctors or firefighters. The author points out that the corporate world has put her under constant stress because every little job is an emergency. And for now, she’s working on changing her mindset about her to reflect that change.

The people in the comments shared their personal stories and agreed with the OP’s opinion on this. “That’s what I said too. Everything is high priority, which means it’s normal. So I work at a reasonable pace,” wrote one user. “All that urgency isn’t even about your clients. It’s about shareholders and executives. The more efficiently and quickly you do your job, the bigger their bonuses will be,” another added. .

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Bored panda reached at Hallie Crawfordwho is a national career expert, certified career coach, and founder of Create your own career path career coaching. She graciously agreed to shed some light on the challenges employees face with constant deadlines and how best to address them.

According to Hallie, the most common challenges employees face with pressing deadlines are higher stress levels, burnout, both mental and physical exhaustion, and strained relationships even outside the workplace.

Now, speaking about how to manage stress and still have a healthy work-life balance, the career coach says that good communication and the ability to disconnect from work outside of working hours are major keys. “For example, set clear boundaries for your work and personal time. Also, it’s important to make time for things you enjoy that can help you reduce stress, like hobbies, family time, or exercise,” she stressed.

Hallie also shared some strategies she recommends for better job prioritization. «It can be helpful to check in with your boss and let them know what tasks you have on your plate for the week and ask them to prioritize what needs to be done first.»

“This can help them be more aware of what you’re working on, and you’ll also make sure you work on the tasks that are most important to your boss first. So it can also be helpful to write down what needs to be accomplished during the week and then separate urgent tasks from those that can be done later in the week, ”says the expert.

So, if you find yourself stuck in a similar situation as the author of the story, remember that it’s extremely important to communicate with your manager and be honest while doing so. At the end of the day, you are not a superhuman and your supervisor should be able to figure that out.

Redditors have shared their frustration, personal stories, and agreed with the author on this issue

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