How Jonah Hill used therapeutic language to control ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady, according to expert

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – DECEMBER 05: Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady attend the world premiere of Netflix’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ on December 05, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

As surfer Sarah Brady continued to lash out at ex-boyfriend Jonah Hill on Monday, she shared commentary from a mental health professional who explained how the Superbad actor abused language he apparently learned in therapy, particularly the concept of emotional boundaries in an attempt to control her professionally and personally.

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On Instagram Story, Brady, 26, posted a video of Jeff Guenther, a licensed professional counselor based in Portland, Oregon, posting insights about mental health and therapy on TikTok and Instagram. Over the weekend, Guenther took to her popular TherapyJeff TikTok account to rate Brady’s explosive revelations about his relationship with Hill, whom she dated from August 2021 to early 2022, according to Page Six.

Guenther said Hill was using therapeutic language to control Brady, and it seemed to bolster her contention that the Moneyball actor was emotionally abusive during the relationship, according to People.

Since she went public over the weekend with text messages Brady said Hill sent her, she claimed the messages show how he tried to enlighten and manipulate her into turning down career opportunities for surfing and swimsuit modeling, she has reported the Daily Mail. The messages also appear to show how the actor, who is also an avid surfer, has tried to limit his contact with fellow male surfers and some female friends.

Guenther’s short video specifically examined Hill’s use of the word boundaries in an alleged text message, in which she set some restrictive parameters for continuing to be in a relationship with Brady.

These are my boundaries for (a) romantic relationship, Hill said in the purported message. He explained that she could not have been in a relationship with her if she continued to model, post pictures of herself in a bathing suit, and post sexually suggestive photos of herself. She also didn’t want her to surf with men who had inappropriate relationships with no boundaries with men and friendships with women who are in volatile places. She said she had hurt our confidence by doing these things.

In response to Hills’ alleged attempt to assert her boundaries, Guenther said it was important to address actors’ misuse of therapeutic language because that’s kind of a thing these days.

Guenther said the misuse of therapeutic language can be super problematic as it masks controlling behavior under a commonly accepted positive concept in this case boundaries. When someone like Hill abuses language, Guenther said, it can make it harder for the person receiving the end in this case Sarah to challenge her.

Jonah is basically telling his pro surfer girlfriend, I won’t be with you if you surf with men, Guenther said before explaining how Hill was harmfully engaged in talk therapy

A boundary is a healthy boundary a person sets to protect their well-being and integrity, Guenther said. It’s a rule or guideline that you create to identify reasonable, safe, and permissible ways for others to behave toward them, and how they will respond when someone crosses those boundaries.

However, in this message Jonah sent to Sarah, he’s not setting boundaries that protect her emotional well-being, Guenther continued. But she is dictating what behaviors and friendships Sarah is allowed to have. She is essentially educating Sarah about who she can be friends with, what she can do professionally, and how she can present herself online.

This is not an example of healthy boundary-setting, Guenther pointed out, singling out Hills’ use of an ultimatum. Instead he reflects on control. It demonstrates a lack of respect for Sarah’s autonomy and individuality. Jonah’s message is more about limiting Sarah’s behavior to accommodate her insecurities, rather than expressing her feelings or needs in a healthy way.

Sidenote, Guenther said. I bet she loved how sexy Sarah looked in her posts before they got together.

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